Get Paid What You Deserve

When was the last time you either gave your pricing a health check, or got some clear insight into how and what to charge for your interior design services? Are you guessing? Undercharging or just winging it because no one is willing to show you their pricing model?

It’s likely you’re either undercharging, or even worse, scaring away clients with prices that are too high for your experience level. let’s fix that, don’t worry – I got you.

By the time you’ve watched this webinar you will understand 

✔️ What pricing models are available to you 

✔️ How to decide which is best fit for your business

✔️ I’ll spill the tea on how to create a proposal, what fee structure I use in my own business and you’ll get a look at 

✔️ Average industry rates.  

This session is less than 45 minutes long. The training assumes no prior knowledge or experience so there is no pre reading necessary. There will be a tour of the Framework included and a killer waitlist only offer, so stick around to the end for your savings!

But first, let’s get real. Most interior design courses focus on the principals of design, which is great and all, but what about the business side of things? Contracts, invoices, proposals, and consultations… where do you even begin? How do you decide what to charge, and what services to offer? And don’t even get us started on marketing your offerings or attracting your first clients!

That’s where The First Year Framework comes in. This online course is designed specifically for emerging designers who want to set up their businesses for success using tried and tested processes, templates, and marketing practices.

Worried about making costly mistakes or leaving money on the table? Don’t be! The course will guide you through the entire process, from creating a marketing strategy to handling trade supplier accounts. We workshop your ideas and make sure you land in the sweet spot you need to be to attract clients and value yourself at the same time.

The Framework will help you gain confidence in how you price your services, knowing your own worth and what others are charging. You’ll have everything you need to wow your clients, including email templates, sales scripts, and guides. And you’ll even have a completed marketing strategy for your new offers.

Blend in a big community of like minded designers to bounce the early versions off, and to chat to weekly and learn from each other.

Stick around for a full tour (and that exclusive offer just for you) of The First Year Framework Online Course.

What Our Students Say…

About Rhiannon

Hi I’m Rhiannon,

When I started my own interior design business, I had 15 years + experience in management, marketing, travel, and events. I’d just finished studying design, I had a six month old and a 2 year old and I didn’t have an interior design portfolio to show what I was capable of, I’d never even had a real client. I was nervous about what to charge, what to even offer and how to reassure people to hire me. I was petrified of what to do when they DID hire me. I don’t want that for you, I want to send you out confident, capable, and prepared.

I started this business from nothing. I started my social media while studying design and with zero audience.  Just like the budding designers I help each day gain the required skill set and roadmap to set up their interior design business. I also started with no budget, it’s totally okay to get the free versions of most software.  I also had no clue. I was so reluctant to even spend the money to invest in my education and furthering my business. I am now running a successful six figure business, with international clients, I’ve been featured in magazines, had a film crew at my house and feel like I’ve smashed that glass ceiling, and anything is possible from here.

Looking back, I just wished I had a ‘big sister’ style mentor to drop all the truth bombs, show me the road map, tell it like it is and just show me the way. I’ve created the course I wish existed when I was starting out, because it would have prevented me making mistakes and now rather than it taking three years to learn the way I did, you can just move through the steps and skip the bit where you keep trying and failing.

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