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Rhiannon Lee – E Designer

Who is Rhiannon Lee?

Who is Rhiannon Lee? I am the founder and designer behind Oleander & Finch Interiors, and I am a friend, daughter, spouse, and mother of 3 boys (Atticus 5, Banjo 3, and Marley – new to the scene in 2021). The family echoes my design passions by enjoying episodes of Restoration Australia & Grand Designs. On the weekends, we happily trawl fabric shops, antique markets, hardware and flooring shops, and all things interior design – in many ways, they inspire my design sense.

Long before I was a mother I had interior design aspirations. Looking back to my early teens, I can remember telling friends that I wanted to be an interior designer – a concept that was foreign to many in the town where I grew up. Nevertheless, I had a successful, 15-year career in the travel industry until maternity leave with my second son in 2018 offered me the opportunity to delve into full-time interior design study and my passion was re-ignited.

Since then, my design sense and skills have evolved.  Naturally, I’m drawn to contemporary neutral tones associated with botanical and organic materials.  I strive to deliver sophisticated and timeless designs that are lived in: Having children, pets, or a busy home does not mean you have to sacrifice style.  I collaborate with my clients to ensure you strike the perfect balance of beautiful design and livability.

Fast forward to 2020 when the pandemic devastated the travel industry and I was faced with an opportunity to grow my edesign side-hustle into the full-scope edesign firm that is Oleander & Finch Interiors.  Early in the year, I relaunched my business and website and in that time I have worked with clients throughout Australia and the world.  My focus was always to deliver edesign services as it allowed the freedom to dedicate myself to working with my clients without compromising time with my family; fortunately, virtual design services have also allowed me to continue serving my clients throughout the pandemic.  

When you meet with me, you’ll learn that I want to empower you to explore your own style and to inspire confidence in your design choices.  Oleander & Finch is not just a creative outlet – I am your collaborator.  I bring the design expertise but you bring your own unique vision.

Check out my work by visiting me on Instagram @oleander_and_finch and maybe you’ll also discover the perfect design to transform your home from livable to loveable.

Rhiannon Lee E Designer


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Comfort doesn’t have to cost you style or personality


Whilst the word “suburban” conjures visions of the conservative, it doesn’t have to be so. With more and more city dwellers creeping out to the suburbs, suburban living is levelling up. Comfort doesn’t have to cost you style or personality, and a whole new generation of homeowners are exploring luxury flooring options and their design possibilities.

Rhiannon Lee – Creating a suburban look, House & Garden Magazine, Australia