Client Project Database


If you‘re tired of juggling multiple tasks, budgets, selections, and client approvals all at once, and don’t know who’s going to cover your desk first in a fight between paper and samples.
With the client database, nothing feels overwhelming anymore. When each clients file hosts everything I need in one collective hub, from budget tracking, trade supplier invoices, procurement lists, correspondence, edits, sketches, mood boards and more, I always know where I’m at in the checklists and what’s coming up.
The best part? I just bring their file up on my phone when on site or during selection meetings and we can just access everything digitally on the spot.


 Streamline Your Projects: My project database helps you effortlessly keep tabs on project budgets, and easily sort them by rooms or item types (furniture, fixtures, finishes) to ensure your resources are allocated efficiently,
🛋️ Client Collaboration Made Easy: Impress your clients by providing a professional way to access and review selections. They can even click direct links to purchase items for e-design projects or approve them for procurement, making their lives easier too! I love bringing this list up on site and showing the client I think The Master Schedule for Procurement is probably my favourite function.
📦 Manage Suppliers Like a Pro: Keep your trade supplier orders in check with our organised system. You’ll have invoices at your fingertips, sorted by status (shipped, pending quote, etc.), so you’re always in the Know and can access a quick reference update immediately.
🖌️ Effortless Edits and Iterations: No more scope creep ever. Track edits and iterations and record them in a centralised location so you know what’s already happened and  you can focus on what you do best—designing!
📸 Centralised Client Hub: Store images, drawings, sketches, floor plans, and all client-relevant information in one handy place. Say goodbye to endless folders and hello to organisation bliss! I have a built a business that is referral and repeat heavy and that’s because my clients know all of their documentation and details live in my central hub, ready to resurrect for the next job.
Guided Client Journey: Our easy-to-follow checklists for each client will guide you through onboarding, concept creation, documentation delivery, and offboarding. No more missed steps or forgotten details. You can edit these to add any process steps relevant to your specific service or offering.
Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a more professional, efficient, and successful interior design business.
This database was designed to help us thrive, it’s easy to learn and repeatable for every single job to keep you on task and tracking the things that really matter.